Country outreach clinics – Port Macquarie

A/Prof Stephen Reddel has a country outreach clinic in the Mid North Coast of NSW. This was in Kempsey from 2001 to 2019, and since 2019 is located in Port Macquarie. Most patients requiring a new clinical consultation will still need to be seen for the first consultation or for any urgent matters in Sydney. Follow-up consultations and ongoing care can often be in Port Macquarie and/or via telemedicine.

We also have a full neurophysiology service (nerve conduction studies including carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy, and more complex studies including EMG) at the outreach clinic and these can be booked directly and do not require an additional clinical consultation.

The clinic address is:
Associate Professor Stephen Reddel, Consultant Neurologist
Suite 11, Hermitage Medical Centre
72-80 Lake Road, Port Macquarie 2444

All bookings to see Dr Reddel are still through the Sydney Practice:
Phone: (02) 9351 0753
Fax: (02) 9351 0653

For contact on the day only, in case you are lost or running late, but not for bookings, contact the PMQ rooms directly on (02) 6583 7277. Please note that outreach EEG and evoked potential services are performed routinely via the Neurophysiology Testing Service (Ms. Nikki Marchant (02) 6557 4332,