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Sydney Neurology

Clinical Neurology, Neurophysiology and Clinical Research

Sydney Neurology

The development of the Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI) by the University of Sydney has provided us with the opportunity to open a modern and efficient private Neurology practice from within a leading Neuroscience research facility. As a group practice of Neurologists with similar interests we are able to give excellent service with continuity of care and early assessment of urgent problems. We offer a full range of neurological services including nerve conduction studies, EMG, EEG and evoked potentials.


Sydney Neurology is an associate group practice in neurology comprising many neurologists with widespread subspecialty expertise and admitting rights to both teaching and private hospitals across Sydney.  

The Brain and Mind Research Institute  has been developed as a unique enterprise in Australia to integrate clinical and basic neurosciences research. It will be of direct benefit to people whose lives have been affected by the common and debilitating forms of neurological illness.








Sydney Neurology

Level 4, Building F

94 Mallett Street


NSW 2050

Phone:    +61-2-93510730

Fax:        +61-2-93510653

E-mail:    info@sydneyneurology.com.au